Braisenville Dessance Il Cuoco Galante


In the Marais district, created by Philippe Baranes, Dessance is the first dessert’s bar in Paris and a unique fine-dining restaurant. A brand new concept in sweet and savoury where seasonal legumes, fruits and vegetables take on a whole new dimension. Fond of natural tastes of products and cooking techniques, Philippe gave his view of a new intimate gastronomy: original tasting menus at dinner and light so desserts built up in front of the client in a bold architectural setting which won the Paris Design Award, 2014-2015.

Subtle tastes, healthy and delicious, you will enjoy poetry sculptural plates and a new way of eating: octopus marinated with celerac infused with coffee and mango-passion sauce, a vegetable savoury plate with green asparagus, parmesan cream, garlic ice-cream and sea buckthorn emulsion, a vegetable sweet plate with strawberries, pickled peas and toasted spelled in a silky tofu emulsion and the dessert, Smoked Norwegian omelette, flambéd in whisky. Loves nature, true tastes and simply sharing with you new emotions.

You will discover homemade alcohol-free drink pairings, as well as pairings with exceptional wines, white and dark spirits. Housed in a seventeenth century mansion in the Marais, Dessance welcomes any gourmet client who looks for another way of eating and a unique moment.