Braisenville Dessance Il Cuoco Galante


By creating Braisenville, Philippe Baranes expressed his view of a casual gourmet restaurant. Focussing on the symbolism of the barbecue, Philippe introduced cooking over charcoal embers - a pioneering technique in Paris - to enhance a creative seasonal cuisine with lively flavours served at dinner in the format of convivial Spanish « raciones ».

Raw or cooked in charcoal, a few plates are « signature » : semi-cooked veal rump, red cabbage, smoked chestnut, wasabi or Ceviche of meagre (shad fish) with « leche de tigre » influences of the world, Ratte du Touquet potato puree with oyster mushrooms at the taste of childhood, one kilogram of prime rib "Black Angus" from Scotland with incredible taste of sharing, or « new green » dessert that carries on the surprise (1kg). Appetite for products of quality and emotions in taste: this is the intimate believing of the cuisine for each plate.

Entering into Braisenville, the client is warmly welcomed with a friendly smile and notes that the entire team demonstrate pride in their work to generate a fabulous time. At dinner, the real Chef is the client that composes himself his tasting dinner regarding his appetite and his desires. This freedom is as appreciable than the waiting staff who are pleased to advise the seasonal plates or the wines that taste on the glass to put the client at ease.