Quality, Taste, Healthy

Contemporary sensory gastronomy

Philippe’s starting point is always the expression of an idea; a heady intuition giving rise to a new culinary environment to delight the senses. Each restaurant is a canvas on which a very specific style of cuisine, decor and service finds harmonious expression. 

Philippe’s track record includes some of the most daring and unique restaurant concepts in Paris, which have thoroughly updated the concept of eating out. At Braisenville, his casual fine dining restaurant, he introduced the first charcoal oven in Paris, doing away with the preconceived idea that open coals could only be used for grilling. With Dessance, he introduced a completely new gastronomic style based on natural flavors of seasonal vegetables, fruits and plants. 

His creativity and everyday work 

With relaxed precision, Philippe oversees and stamps his personality on every stage of the construction of his restaurants; from their culinary identity and drink pairings, via the service concept, through the choice of materials and colors, the logo design and the selection of furnishings which surround the open kitchens. 

In his daily work, Philippe stimulates the creativity of the talented young chefs chosen to work in his restaurants. He establishes a culinary dialogue with them, encouraging freedom of expression in order to achieve both balance and passion in their work. While top quality produce is essential, true savoir faire is an absolute prerequisite to achieve, in his words: “Not simply eating, but eating well.” Philippe is constantly on the look-out for exceptional local produce and wines, innovative equipment and new culinary techniques. A veteran entrepreneur, he considers a satisfied clientele to be the real measure of success.

Every member of the team is passionate, generous and devoted, simply and sincerely, to making the customer happy. 

His passion for the restaurant business

Philippe’s passion for the restaurant business has its roots in his childhood, which was strongly marked by both the culinary and fine arts, especially painting. At an early age, he was initiated into the concept of seasonal eating, authentic flavours and respect for fresh produce. With his Savoyard grandmother, he spent his childhood summers picking wild herbs and fruits. At weekends, he painted with his maternal uncle, and followed in the footsteps of his ancestor, Modigliani, when he entered the Ecole du Louvre to study painting. After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and a Masters in Management, he succumbed to the lure of the kitchen, and at the tender age of 24 took over the Café de Mars, where he employed and learned from some of the most talented Michelin-starred chefs in the business.